Power of Revision

Yes, everyone knows our calendar New Year is an opportune time to reflect on the past year, choices made, dreams come true (or not). It’s also the stereotypical time to set grand intentions (resolutions) for the year to come. But what if we reflected back on our year & chose to see our lives with … Continue reading Power of Revision

Dark Side of Light

If you read the¬†previous post, you know that I’ve recently experienced profound states of what I’ll call Love. A quality of blissful being in which I trust completely & allow life energy to flow into & back out of me without closing my heart. However, I feel the need to be more transparent & let … Continue reading Dark Side of Light

Wild Awakening

“If you can experience it, then you can claim it as your own.” – Paul Selig I recently experienced a rather spontaneous Kundalini Energy Awakening. If you’re not sure what the hell I am talking about, keep reading & I’ll do my best to explain this ineffable experience of ecstasy. Everyone has this Kundalini Energy … Continue reading Wild Awakening

Ask Your Body

Did you know you can communicate with your body? I don’t mean thinking thoughts & believing them, or even having continual internal dialog with your consciousness. I mean intentionally asking your own body’s approval or wise advice for anything you do. Should I eat/drink this? Is this good medicine for me? Is this of benefit … Continue reading Ask Your Body