Amble. Alter. Allow.

2 thoughts on “Amble. Alter. Allow.”

  1. After meeting you this spring you inspired me to go on a backpack trip (2.5 days). The first in seven years. I’m still on my journey of healing chronic pain issues. These miles with a pack were so very challenging. There were many internal struggles that came up along with the physical. The land so beautiful but, the everyday chatter & kept running.
    The artful way in which you live your life is something I had not thought was possible for myself. The life of freedom I almost lived. Throughout my life I have let fear dampen my dreams & not knowing there was a way to live other than a life consuming job. It’s so difficult to break a lifetime of patterning but, I’m being vulnerable in my process of healing & staying true to that.
    During a PT session today I talked about the short time we shared together & expressing this resulted in some great breakthroughs. Not seeing moments of enlightenment to fruition is a fault of mine.
    I knew you had great depth but, now I’ve been seeing the beauty you express in a whole new light. Almost every day for the last week I keep finding something new (old) stuff you have written & it’s all amazing. Your wisdom surpasses your age & your life already is an amazing piece of art.
    If you know this song it’s always a good one. “I’ve got Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy down in my heart. Where? Down in my heart.” Hope to someday meet again. In the mean time reading your writing, seeing your pictures, your happiness, your endless desire will always uplift my heart
    Peeling Away the Layers,
    Mark Collins


    1. Mark,

      This truly brought me to tears.

      (I haven’t had a phone since the beginning of June – when I broke it on my month-long hike – so I apologize if there were any attempts to reach out to me that went unanswered.)

      I am so happy you went on a backpacking trip & undoubtedly gained more strength than you could ever know. Nature is a great cure-all and any amount of time spent with her is time well spent. The words from you really hit home because I have been feeling lately like I haven’t been living well enough or reaching anyone & to know that I have been able to reach the heart of someone out there, especially someone who I shared such a transforming experience with, is an incredible feeling. It’s affirming. It’s motivating. It’s exactly what I needed to hear. So thank you. Thank you for reaching out & for finding something in my words. Thank you for being a kindred seeker & healer & lover of life.

      All my best to you.


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