Flow of Consciousness

One thought on “Flow of Consciousness”

  1. I had a P.T. appointment yesterday & they always challenge my breathing. Something that comes effortlessly for most. At the end of the appointment she took a picture of my back to share with another practitioner.
    Looking at the picture this morning I remembered that during this session I commented on how much anger & frustration I was holding in my right ribs. At the time there was no specific reason.
    Then while reading about stress & emotions becoming embodied some old wounds came back. These moments of the past where I would look in the mirror & beat my fists against my chest, abs, and ribs as hard as possible in order to toughen up. This need to toughen up is a long story in itself but mainly stems from an attack I experienced during college.
    It’s easy to think that I’ve embodied all of the hate, anger & fear throughout my life & is probably true.
    We all have our own struggles & my hope is that even though these struggles may be different we who chose to take the challenge to heal, to let the divine guide you, to be accepting of your own faults & others &, to practice self love can (share &) find solace, allow imperfection to be a blessing &, come together as a community to bond. Thanks for Listening


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