Past Lives

One thought on “Past Lives”

  1. Every once in a while you cross my mind & I wonder how you are. When I did the post was only a day old. There were so many things I wanted to say but, was speechless. I’ve been going through a shift as of recent & with a few moments of calm this evening I came across something I was going to send a long time ago & somehow captures an element in your story. Always thankful for allowing me to share.

    Trauma taken
    Flesh now severed
    Spirits previously one now detached
    Two pieces never meant to be apart become unified with blood healing powers
    The scar forms, flexes, stretches & is beaten down in the process
    Now the spirit is again as it once was, whole
    Only now the body holds the reminisce of what was once the past
    The spirit remembers again it could achieve flight

    Align with the heart
    Gaze into the unknown
    Find clarity


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