Dark Side of Light

If you read the previous post, you know that I’ve recently experienced profound states of what I’ll call Love. A quality of blissful being in which I trust completely & allow life energy to flow into & back out of me without closing my heart. However, I feel the need to be more transparent & let … Continue reading Dark Side of Light

Wild Awakening

“If you can experience it, then you can claim it as your own.” – Paul Selig I recently experienced a rather spontaneous Kundalini Energy Awakening. If you’re not sure what the hell I am talking about, keep reading & I’ll do my best to explain this ineffable experience of ecstasy. Everyone has this Kundalini Energy … Continue reading Wild Awakening

Ask Your Body

Did you know you can communicate with your body? I don’t mean thinking thoughts & believing them, or even having continual internal dialog with your consciousness. I mean intentionally asking your own body’s approval or wise advice for anything you do. Should I eat/drink this? Is this good medicine for me? Is this of benefit … Continue reading Ask Your Body

Life is GRAND

The Grand Teton 13,775 feet Second highest peak in Wyoming (after Gannett Peak) Straight up iconic. THE SEED Joey & I met almost exactly one year ago in the Wind Rivers. He had just completed a solo summit of Gannett (can you say badass?) while Virginia & I were ending the second leg of our … Continue reading Life is GRAND

Sacred Safe Space

A good friend told me yesterday when she can’t find a safe space physically, she is comforted in knowing there is always a safe space in her mind. I really gravitated toward this idea & was able to imagine this internal space in the brain one could go to find safety.  But the more I … Continue reading Sacred Safe Space